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General Info

The company ,,Geosilkroad’’ offers result-oriented and dynamic legal service for your business success. The qualified lawyers of ,,Geosilkroad’’ will provide you the help with business management, regulatory requirements, expenditure and increase of investment volume. 

"Geosilkroad" offers you qualified legal service which includes: 

Investment Law

Investment Consulting - Assess, manage, prevent and negotiate potential legal and financial risks of investment projects;Preparation agreementsand conclusions on investment issues;Loan and authorized capital investment operations;Representation in court and arbitration. 

Banking Law

Commercial type consulting and building compliance with regulatory requirements for financial institutions;Legal consultations on banking law issues;Loan-related consultations;Preparation of credit agreements, bank guarantees, mortgage and pledge agreements, letters of guarantee, letters of credit, and other similar documents;carry out the necessary procedures for opening a bank account in foreign countries for natural persons and/or legal entities. 

Tax and Customs Law

Preparation of qualified legal and financial decisions on tax issues;Preparation of tax provisions in tax-related agreements;Structuring of joint ventures and offshore;Full consulting on customs procedures - on import, export, customs procedures, customs clearance, and declarations. 

Corporate Law and Business Consulting

Registration of any legal entity in the Register of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial Legal Entities, including registration of a branch of a foreign enterprise;Preparation of all types of corporate documents:Founding documents of the company;Charters;Minutes and decisions of the meeting of partners;Documents required for changes in the registered data;Development of a complete package of documents required for reorganization (transformation, merger, division, redomicillation) and liquidation of legal entities, submission for registration;Full financial and accounting support after the establishment of the legal entity;Preparation of audit and financial reports; 

Obtaining licenses and permits

Obtaining all types of licenses and permits, represantating company at relevant licensing organizations; 

Residence permits and certificates

Full legal support related to obtaining the right of residence on the territory of Georgia; 

Real Estate and Privatization

Examining the legal status of real estate, Implementation of procedures related to the privatization of state-owned real estate and/or the transfer of the right of use; 

Contract Law

Preparation, revision, and, if necessary, registration of all types of civil law agreements/contracts at relevant state agencies;Legal analysis of contracts; 

Administrative Law:

Services related to the conclusion or amendment of an administrative contract;Preparation of administrative claim, lawsuit, and counterclaim;Representation in court and administrative bodies regarding administrative disputes; 

Intellectual Property Law

Consulting on copyright/licensing issues; Trademark registration;Registration of patents and other legal rights;Concluding an agreement between the co-authors;Representation on intellectual property rights, both in administrative bodies and in court. 

Labour Law

Consulting on labor law issues;Preparation of labor contracts and internal regulations;Representation in court regarding labor disputes. 

Enforcement Law

Providing legal services in the process of enforcement of a decision that has entered into force by a court;Representation in the National Bureau of Enforcement;Representation in auctions for enforcement purposes. 

Energy, Oil and Gas Law

Legal support in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate in the electricity, oil and oil products, natural gas and water supply sectors;Legal assistance in relations with energy regulators;Preparation of contracts and legal documentation and their revision;Preparation of energy purchase agreement;

Preparation of financing and provision agreements;Preparation of transfer and dispatching agreements; 

Telecommunications Law

Obtaining licenses, permits, and authorizations from the National Telecommunication Commission;Preparation of contracts (interconnection, customer agreements);Legal assistance on issues related to telecommunications services, television and radio broadcasting, frequencies and numbering resources;

Construction law

Obtaining a construction permit; Legal assistance and protection of client's interests in issues related to project approval and construction; Preparation of agreements related to construction (including orders, purchase, pre-purchase, equitable servitude agreement and various types of agreements);

Geosilkroad Services:

1. Investment partnership / drawing up a business plan;
2. Legal services;
3. Preparation of tender documents;
4. Translation services;
5. Auditing/financial/accounting services;
6. Real estate appraisal;
7. Architectural/design services and Exterior / interior design;
8. Construction, repair, reconstruction;
9. Marketing and full advertising services;
10. MICE Tourism, Student exchange programs;

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