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Tbilisi, 12 Baratashvili St. / 2 B. Bregvadze St.
Tel: Tel: +995 32 2 477 344,   Mob: +995 596 655 655
Identification number: 416336405
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General Info

Geosilkroad`s Group GeoCreative offers a wide range of marketing services. The advertising agency individually reviews the characteristics of each customer and offers an adapted communication strategy or individual activities.


Making a company BrandBook (creating visual and qualitative characteristics of the brand);
Design and printing of leaflets, banners, billboards;

Development of PR and marketing strategy

Defining the target audience;
Identification of relevant communication channels for the target audience; 
Defining communication styles, forms and techniques;
Forming a marketing action plan (drawing up a time schedule and budget);

Marketing activities

Complete event management: inviting guests, decoration;
Production of PR materials (media announcements and press releases);
Photo / video shooting of events and editing;

Management of social networks

Managing of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tweeter, Linkedin pages;
Direct communication with customers;
Placing ads (via Ads Manager and GoogleAnalytic);

Preparation of graphic advertising content

Preparation of advertising texts taking into account the specifics of the target audience (Copywriting);
Graphic design for social media or website posts;

Video recording and editing

High quality video recording (both – visual and audio) and editing;
Shooting and editing commercials;
Making commercial videos using the world's most famous template databases;

Motion design

Making motion graphic content, gifs, videos;

Making models and dioramas

Making models and dioramas of buildings and relief;
Rendering of projects (architectural, relief);

Arranging spaces and studios

Arrangement and decoration of residential, administrative and studio spaces;
Designing TV projects.

Writing scenarios/scripts

Writing scenarios/scripts for TV shows, podcasts and various events;
Speechwriting - preparation of texts for presentations and speeches.

Workingon a website

Work on the content and structure of the website;
Content management of the website;


Geosilkroad Services:

1. Investment partnership / drawing up a business plan;
2. Legal services;
3. Preparation of tender documents;
4. Translation services;
5. Auditing/financial/accounting services;
6. Real estate appraisal;
7. Architectural/design services and Exterior / interior design;
8. Construction, repair, reconstruction;
9. Marketing and full advertising services;
10. MICE Tourism, Student exchange programs;

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ამ კომპანიაზე შეფასება ჯერ არ არის დაწერილი.
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იმისათვის, რომ შეძლოთ რეიტინგის მინიჭება და შეფასების დაწერა საჭიროა შეხვიდეთ სისტემაში.