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Tbilisi, 12 Baratashvili St. / 2 B. Bregvadze St.
Tel: Tel: +995 32 2 477 344,   Mob: +995 596 655 655
Identification number: 416336405
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General Info

One of the profiles of the company "Geosilkroad" is its subsidiary "Geodesign & Construction" which offers services of architects, designers, builders and expert groups in any region of Georgia, specifically architecture, complete construction complex and its environmental design, ie from macro level to urban planning, urban design, panoramic architecture, including micro-level interior design, as well as full service in the field of construction rehabilitation and technological equipment.

Company GeoSilkroad offers wide range of construction works:

• Construction of individual and multi-apartment houses;

• Construction of production and warehousing facilities;

• Construction of temporary structures;• Completion of construction projects;

• Active support of the architectural supervisory engineering group in the organization and production of construction and repair works.

Interior / Exterior Renovation / Reconstruction

Architectural company “GDC” offers a wide range of interior and exterior renovations. Our services include:

• Building reinforcement works - reinforcement of load-bearing structures;

• Roof arrangement - reconstruction;

• Arrangement - change of communications (electricity, water supply, sewerage);

• Change of plans - installation-dismantling of partitions and non-load-bearing structures;

• Arranging the floor with different materials;

• Arranging ceilings;

• Lighting installation;

• Plastering and concrete works;

• Painting works;

• Glassing works;

• Arrangement of air conditioning and ventilation.

Design / reconstruction of cultural heritage sites

The Government of Georgia considers the protection of cultural heritage as one of the most important priorities, as there are many monuments and protected areas in the country. The status of a cultural heritage monument has been granted to quite a few houses or other buildings, both in Tbilisi and across the country, meaning that many cultural heritage monuments are in private ownership. Conducting works on them (including: air conditioning installation, signage installation, cleaning and restoration work, change of plans, etc.) requires a relevant permit, and unauthorized work is punishable by law.The company „GDC” offers the preparation of works on cultural heritage sites, complete project documentation, in accordance with the rules provided by law.Preparation of complete project documentation includes:

• Existing and project drawings;

• Photo material and photo montages of the current situation;

• Artistic research;

• Constructive conclusion and technical substantiation;

• Geological research;

• Work schedule and other necessary documentation

Our professionals are able to provide consulting on the possibility and expediency of carrying out this or that work, which will significantly help you save resources.

Company “Geosilkroad” offers:

• Design / reconstruction of cultural heritage sites

• Exterior (facade) and interior design

• The full range of architectural services, which includes:
Development of project assignment - according to the requirements of the client; Defining project tasks with the client; Verification of alternatives through sketches, drawings; Creating detailed drawings of construction projects; Establish a technical assignment based on the wishes and requirements of the customer; Agreeing on Construction Budget Framework - Cost Estimates; Identify the necessary participants in the designing - find subcontractors and narrow specialists; Inspection of the project site, study, zoning and implementation of other necessary measures; Finding special requirements related to the construction land plot (construction zones, historical research, etc.); Creating a sketch project and conducting previous design studies;Developing a project concept; Preparation of documents / drawings in order to obtain permits from relevant State bodies; Discuss and specify urban planning, volumetric, functional, technical, ecological, construction issues; Interior and exterior sketch 3D renders / model will be presented;Preliminary consideration of project agreement issues with the Architecture Service; Active participation in the project agreement with the municipal service and obtaining a permit; Active architectural, supervisory support in the organization and production of construction-repair works.

Technological designing

Company “GDC” offers technological design services, which includes the design of various types of technological facilities, including: Transformer booths and substations; Auto laundry boxes and posts; Fuel stations and substations; Shore protection engineering works; Tanks and reservoirs; Warehouses; Industrial facilities; Boxes and workshops; Drainage and landslide protection facilities; Production communications; Loading platforms and bunkers; Medical facilities; Boilers and boiler rooms; Non-residential buildings for various purposes

• Urban planning

• High quality topographic services

• Engineering-Geological Survey

• Expert assessment / consultation according to Resolution N41


• Finding investors for your project / business; 

• Preparation of tender documents;

• Privatization; 

• Provision of legal services;

• Audit services; 

• Production of accounting services - in Georgian, Russian and English;

• Fire-fighting systems, including design and installation; 

• Obtaining permits and licenses;

• Develop a business plan.

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