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Tbilisi, 12 Baratashvili St. / 2 B. Bregvadze St.
Tel: Tel: +995 32 2 477 344,   Mob: +995 551 33 55 88
Identification number: 416336405
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General Info

One of the profiles of the company "Geosilkroad" is the designing and installation of electrical, fire, security systems of the facilities located in any region of Georgia. Equip the facility of any complexity with fire safety systems, prepare a package of technical assignments and complete design documentation in accordance with international standards. Supply and installation of fire alarm and control systems with the technical means of the world's leading manufacturer, together with a team of highly qualified specialists.

"Geosilkroad" offers customers the following services:

1. Installation and supervision;

2. Technical support;

3. Run / maintenance;

4. Exploitation;

5. System integration;

6. Consultation.

Fire Fighting System. Addresable Fire Fighting Systems. Manual Fire Fighing Systems.

1)Smoke Detector-24 lar.

2)Heat Detector-16.50lar.

3)Manual Call Point -24lar.

Fire Fighting. Addresable Fire Fighting Systems and Manual Fire Fighing Systems


1)Smoke Detector-16,50 lar.

2)Heat Detector-16.50lar.

3)Manual Call Point -14,50lar.

4)horn strobe with flesher Point-15 lar.

5)fire alarm bel 6-15 lar.

6)fire alarm control panel 2-zone -190lar.

7)fire alarm control panel 4-zone-240 lar.

8)fire alarm control panel 8-zone -340 lar.


1)fire alarm panel 1 loop with battery-1961 lar.

2)Reapter-735 lar.

3)Smoke Detector-65 lar.

4)Heat Detector-65 lar.

5)CODER-325 lar.

6)Addresable Call Point-82 lar.

7)Addresable Horn Strob-98 lar.

Company Geosilkroad offers a full pack of services related to fire safety: Designing; Product delivery and Installation.

TEL: +995 551 33 55 88, +995 595655655. E-mail:


  • Finding investors for your project / business;

  • Preparation of tender documents;

  • Privatization;

  • Provision of legal services;

  • Audit services;

  • Production of accounting services - in Georgian, Russian and English;

  • Fire-fighting systems, including design and installation;

  • Obtaining permits and licenses;

  • Develop a business plan.

  • Site translation;
  • Translation / certification of documents;
  • Legal translation;

  • Simultaneous translation;

  • Consistent translation;

  • Technical translation;

  • Scientific translation;

  • Medical translation;

  • Literary translation;

  • Surdo translation / gesture translation.

  • Construction;

  • Internal / external repair reconstruction;

  • Design / reconstruction of cultural heritage monuments;

  • Exterior (facade) design;

  • Interior design;

  • Architecture;

  • Urban planning (urban planning);

  • Topography;

  • Engineering geological survey;

  • Expert assessment / consultation with Resolution N41;

  • Technological design.

  • MICE Tourism;

  • Medical tourism;

  • Discover Georgia;

  • World destinations;

  • Student exchange programs;

  • Air tickets;

  • Multilingual guides;

  • Transport;

  • Translation services;

  • Event management;

  • Rating services;

  • Real estate appraisal;

  • Create a logo design;

  • Create a poster design;

  • Create flyer designs;

  • Create a catalog design;

  • Photographer services;

  • Preparation of TV commercials;

  • Photo and video shooting of models;

  • Preparation of promotional video.
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ამ კომპანიაზე შეფასება ჯერ არ არის დაწერილი.
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იმისათვის, რომ შეძლოთ რეიტინგის მინიჭება და შეფასების დაწერა საჭიროა შეხვიდეთ სისტემაში.