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Tbilisi, 12 Baratashvili St. / 2 B. Bregvadze St.
Tel: Tel: +995 32 2 477 344,   Mob: +995 596 655 655
Identification number: 416336405
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General Info

GeoSilkRoad is an universal business consulting, investment holding company and its main activity is business consulting and offering a wide range of investment projects, presenting Georgia's investment potential and attracting investments. GeoSilkRoad’s highly qualified team via the companies of the holding will provide services in the following areas: Investment partnership/business plan development; Legal services; Preparation of tender documents; Translation services; Auditing/financial/accounting services; Real estate appraisal; Architectural/design services and exterior/interior design; Construction, repair, reconstruction; Marketing and full advertising services; MICE Tourism, Student Exchange Programs;

The distinctive feature of GeoSilkRoad:

With the assistance of the group of sectoral experts and technology specialists, consulting and services in any field that the company GeoSilkRoad will provide you with, is based on the expertise and experience of highly qualified staff. Technology is the field in which the results of research of other sciences are applied in accordance with the needs of society, so for the first time in Georgia, we have brought together business experts and technologists around the business in the following fields: agriculture, telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer technology, mechanical engineering, technological equipment / installation / implementation / training as well as other fields. In the expert and technological part, we actively cooperate with European companies, sharing their experience and understanding.

The consulting and services of the company GeoSilkRoad are based on the professionalism of sectoral specialists and technologists.
Services of GeoSilkRoad Holding and its affiliates/groups:


1. Finding investors for your project/business;
2. Development of business plan/project management;
3. Preparation of tender documents;
4. Legal services;

  • Investment law
  • Banking Law
  • Tax and customs law
  • Corporate Law and Business Consulting
  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Residence permits and certificates
  • Real Estate and Privatization
  • Contract law
  • Administrative law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Labour Law
  • Enforcement Law
  • Energy, Oil and Gas Law
  • Telecommunications law

1. Simultaneous translation;
2. Consecutive translation;
3. Site translation;
4. Translation/certification of documents;
5. Legal translation;
6. Technical translation;
7. Scientific translation;
8. Medical translation;
9. Literary translation;
10. Sign /Gesture language translation;
11. Correction/editing and typing of text;
12. Setting-up the document in pages;
13. Scanning and digitalization;
14. Copywriting, blogging, and preparation of presentation texts;
15. Creating CVs and preparation of PowerPoint presentations;

1. Construction of residential and industrial premises;
2. Internal/external repair and reconstruction;
3. Architectural design;
4. Project preparation/agreement correction;
5. Technological design;
6. Design/reconstruction of cultural heritage monuments;
7. Exterior/interior design;
8. Estimation of repair and construction works;
9. Urban planning;
10. Topography;
11. Engineering Geological Survey;
12. Expert evaluation/consultation by Resolution #41;
13. Fire-fighting systems (design, installation, and further service);

1. Audit services;
2. Financial services (investment risk assessment);
3. Accounting services;
4. Real estate appraisal;

1. Branding (creating/building a brand concept);
2. Elaboration of PR and marketing strategy;
3. Planning and organizing of events (conferences, forums, entertainment events);
4. Management of social networks;
5. Preparation of graphic advertising content;
6. Photo/video/4K drone shooting and editing;
7. Photo shooting/photography (processing by the special program, photo collage);
8. Motion design;
9. Writing scripts;
10. Making models and dioramas (according to architectural and landscape-scale);
11. Arrangement of spaces and studios;
12. Production of signboards;
13. Modern technologies (programming and installation of smart devices);
14. Content and structural maintenance of web pages.

1. MICE Tourism (Business Tourism);
2. Student exchange programs;
3. Medical tourism;
4. Multilingual guides.

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იმისათვის, რომ შეძლოთ რეიტინგის მინიჭება და შეფასების დაწერა საჭიროა შეხვიდეთ სისტემაში.